Friday, March 13, 2009

Elf's Drinky Link (II)

Unless you live under a rock you'll know it's Cheltenham, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have its own cocktail, its not really a cocktail event....
however in the horsey theme The Kentucky Derby has its official cocktail, The Mint Julep!

Very easy to make, and might be a nice change for those that like Mojitos!

That's the Drink... now for the links......

Xbox makes the newspaper for the second time in as many months

Gingerpixel too!

Macawilliams First photo from his new camera

Swiss Miss's four rules more to be found on Notes to self

Proof that the Duck (like the man) is not for turning - have to say I laughed at the Registers heading for it "Bloke-Duck-Mounting"

The Guardian post Wendy Richard's Chilli Recipe - I love the commentary on this recipe and recipes in general, which says a lot for our culinary blog friends.
"A recipe isn't just a set of instructions for cooking, it's a personal gift. When someone gives you a recipe, they are not teaching you how to do something, but wanting you to experience something they loved."

Sticking with food, the ever wonderful lady that is Grannymar has shared with us most graciously her favourite sandwich recipes - now these hit the spot in terms of my culinary prowess...

The influence of Desked, our new favorite blog is can be seen all over the place - ok so maybe not Desked influenced but it is a gorgeous desk! :)

On the topic of cool things on Design Milk, this is a fantastic idea for families with power hungry kids , although you would have to find a way to ensure they cant just unplug it and toss it to the side.

Don't forget to vote for Irish man George in his attempt to get the Best Job in the World

And OF COURSE for our own Rick O'Shea in the Meteor's

And to finish with something sweet!

What you talkin bout Willis