Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cafe life.

One of my new favourite places, Spanjer & Van Twist on Leliegracht. Its just down from the house and is so lovely. People stop in for the terrasse on the side of the canal and on the street. Inside is cool too, and what i love is it caters to whatever you want. A beer? Light snack? Coffee and cake? Four course meal? Or just to be left alone to nurse a drink and read the paper. Bliss.

In the quiet of the morning.

Noelia insisted this morning be the morning I cycle to work. So i'm waiting here for her to go together to the office. Its rare to get to this part of town and it not be packed with tourists so i took this shot. Think Catriona will like it. I'm waitin for noelia and to be honest i'm bricking myself about cycling to the office. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Put your hands up

At home for a few days. Sean and his friend Ollie playin guns. Not something i approve of but its innocent fun really. Can't believe he's finished his first year at school. He has come a long way, considering he didn't even know how to play with other kids this time last year. He's made friends and his teacher is very happy with his progress. Of course we just think he's amazing anyway.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Music man

Coming home from work I heard magical music floating up the canal.
This man was in a small boat with a barrell organ and a trumpet. He was playing the most amazing songs, classical and pop and it was so cool and impromptu.
Check him out on
I'm posting a clip of him playing My funny valentine.
Another of amsterdam's gems you can be lucky to fall across.