Friday, March 6, 2009

Elf's Drinky Links (I)

In what would seem a time honoured "link post" blogger tradition, I am (lost for something decent to post and so) posting my own linky love.

I call this Elf's drinky links as I am currently an Elf drinking (its Friday) and I will try and share a drink recipe with you each week. Tonight the theme drink is my standard drink when out in a good bar, Whiskey Sour and just so you can do it with panache, here's a vid.

Ok now we are all liquored up...(everyone except Tommy) I will begin.

  • We all use Twiter to solve problems, well I do, and now... so does Obama
  • Who says technology makes us lazy?
  • Think Firefox is cool? Now you can be sure its 100% ice cold!
  • One of the coolest, nicest guys blogging in Amsterdam, and he doesn't like The Saturday's either.
And now, as I swirl the dregs of my whiskey sour, and mumble those immortal words

"You never loved me Jr" I leave you with this

G'night John Ross....

**Cute, Cool & Tasty