Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello Goodbye

Quick Post:

Tonight I get to go to dinner with the first blogger to get to the 'dam** Ellybabes & her lovely hubby George!
Looking forward to it! :)

Then I am going to the first goodbye party of our crew here! Donna Marie.
I'll miss her spirit and madcap party attitude. Her great smile and her open mind.
She just takes everyone as she finds them and has such a wonderful heart.
Also she's the perfect foil to the effervescent Keith!


So Long, Donna Marie, and "listen here" it wont be a good bye... see you in Dublin.
All you Dublin heads, go visit her in the all new River Island Mega Store opening on Henry St.

Tell her I sent ya!

**Okay the trip was booked before we met at IBA09


Anonymous said...

Ohh hope ye treated each other to mucho fun weekend! :)