Thursday, October 9, 2008

Google Goggles

And why not!

This is just class, and if I wasn't numerically dyslexic it might even work for me.

Google - Mail Goggles

I have sent a few mails late at night after a few drinkies...
Thankfully I haven't made and total cockups yet.... but it is likely!

I love the fact that its time sensitive too...
as my mate Mick said, obviously comes from the Dublin Office. :)

**EDIT** Only realised now that OF COURSE Lexia had this first

Also.... Stephen Fry on Twitter
*gulp* *faint*

Too Cool!

Going to NYC on Sunday for a week.... hoping to get
A: prepaid sim there to use my 3G phone for websurfing there
B: an Itouch!! *further drooling*

Please if you have recommendations, of restaurants, bars, sights, places in NYC I'd love to hear them! :)
Will be trying out Lottie's list here too :)

Have the Avenue Q tickets
Have a cool hotel on Central Park South (with Central Park View)
Have to meet boss man for lunch on the Tuesday (free fancy meal)
Have tickets to David Letterman (thanks to NY office)

What else should I do?


Deborah said...

So jealous of your trip!!! AND Letterman tix? Too cool! Maybe you can take out that idiot Paul with a poisonous dart or something! :P

Did you try MaxRoam for the data sim card?

I think maybe Twitter needs something like those goggles! :P

Elf in Amsterdam said...

@Deborah... thanks for stopping by!

LOL...the Letterman tix are a company perk, and could end up being Rachel Ray tix, not so much kudos there!

Letterman guests next week are not great. Nicole Richie, Neyo and Deborah Messing being the "highlights"

I really should have put more thought into the sim card thing... MaxRoam would have been a far better option! But I wont get it in time now! I'm a Stupid Elf!

However I will order one and I've been meaning to tell my colleagues about it as they travel far more than I!

Ah the beauty of Twitter is that
no matter what foolish thing I come out with no one seems to mind! :) Its different sending work emails! :)

Lottie said...

Stephen Fry is on twitter?!!!! Laters!

Anonymous said...

I can't advise you on anything as I've yet to go there (soooooo jealous!) but have a faboo time ya lucky duck!

Also drooling about an iTouch. Le sigh.

Lottie said...

Are you back? Photos? Stories? Sights and sounds? Shopping? Fire Fighters? Come on. Spill!