Monday, January 19, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon!

Email sent by me today:

Just an email to say that my afternoons haven't been the same since Rick O'Shea stopped that chat and fun I've come to love.
As I'm not the greatest fan of the 2fm daytime play list, its not t he music I tune in for, its the chat and fun.
I used to work in a big office with lots going on and then I moved to another office, just me on my own and Rick and crew (Amanda 1 & 2) made this bearable!
I really really miss the craic, please bring Amanda 1 & 2 back full time and allow Rick to do what he does best, entertain, amuse and inspire us.

Office jobs suck, and radio makes a difference, but Good radio makes HUGE difference.

I've begun thinking about hunting around for another station RTE 1 is out as Mooney does my head in, but Phantom is looking good as at least i like the music.
The only thing keeping me (and many more like me) with 2fm is the hope that you will listen to us (as much as we listened to you) and reinstate Rick's show to the way it should be.

Please bring the chat back!


Please join the Facebook goup -
If It's Not Broken Don't Fix It: Keep Rick O'Shea and Nikki Hayes Talking

While I'm not the biggest fan of Nicki Hayes's chat (each to his or her own) I really miss Rick O'Shea's afternoon show, I loved the chat and craic, the messing and the weird ideas.
It was like having a gang of friends in the office, conversations I could dip in and out of and ideas I thought about long after the show was over.

Over the Christmas 2fm decided to change the line up and removed Amanda, Rick's sidekick and researcher and limited talking on the show to "and the next track is" - boring!
While Rick is doing his best to keep it entertaining, in whatever way he can within his remit, it really is ruining my afternoon.

So if you like decent day time radio (despite the sucky general playlist) please join this FB group and send RTE a quick email to voice your displeasure.


... and the next track will be.......

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