Friday, February 22, 2008

Minuscule Machinations


Apartment moving along....
Prina went to see it , camera at the ready.....

It is in the good lady's own words
it’s fantastic!! It is really class
Photos turned out as expected, no real suprises.
Bathroom is in existence... and lovely too... small but perfectly formed (much like myself)
And the bedroom..... well it lives up to its name... a room with a bed (and not much room for aught else!)
Still I'm not one for the swinger parties; at least not ones that end up on my bed... that's what the large sofa is for, so I'm happy enough.

Need to confirm the presence of washing machine and dryer (as advertised) as these are very important, and then its all systems go!

I'm interested to note that on the street (a bit down from me) is Cafe Chris
Amsterdam's oldest Brown Cafe Est 1624.
I read in a guidebook that its reputed to be where Rembrandt came to have his schnapps on the way from his studio to his home on Prinsengracht.

Also there is Pancake Bakery (which will serve as something of a Lemon replacement)
I'm looking forward to trying Poffertjes.

And look a lot like that up there!! :)
They are tiny pancakes (akin to Silver Dollar Pancakes)

So anyway....

Think I'm happy with the apartment, its really the location that is prime and the living space is great (aside from the minuscule bedroom) so..... on confirmation of the presence of washing machine facilities I'm a happy bunny.....

(PS Hello Cameron, who managed to find this blog while not being on Facebook or finding a link to it on a search engine (its de-listed) its a pleasure to keep you entertained with the inner machinations of my minuscule mind! Big Brother is watching eh? :P)